Spectrum Surface Improvers are the most vital parts of the process of texture painting on any surface, These connect the subsequent layers and strengthens the base of those layers. With the use of these Spectrum products, you can prepare your substrate for virtually any type of application, and be confident that the resulting texture on the wall or ceiling is strong and durable for years to come.


New, smooth, regular and non absorbent plasters do not need any special preparation.  Old, flaking, plaster of paris, gypsum surfaces or absorbent plasters should be brushed down and then treated with a coat of Spectrum Sealer, mixed with water at the ratio of 1:3 (i.e. Spectrum Sealer one part and water three parts), applied by brush/roller/spray.


Broken edges, undulations, loose and flaky surfaces can be rectified by using a paste mater of Spectrum Rechtochem Surface Improve mixed with Ordinary Portland Cement in the ratio of 1:1. The consistency is of a thick paste. The surface is ready for application of any paint after the Rechtochem paste has dried.  Curing by water is not required, like it is done after doing cement plaster.


Spectrum putty has special acrylic binders that ensure that it retains a strong grip on the wall surface, thereby increasing the life of the paint film. It enhances breathability and lessens porosity compared to conventional putty, thus improving paint performance further.
It comes in a ready to use paste form, ideal for both  interiors and exteriors. It is specially formulated by using ultrafine minerals, biocides, and alkali resistant superior acrylic polymer. The unique processing technology of this product ensures smoothness and consistency. The special binder used in this putty imparts a strong adhesion to the wall surface giving it a smooth surface for the application of any Spectrum texture.


A prime coat is a coating applied directly to a prepared surface before doing any Spectrum texture on the wall surface. Prime coat application is a vital element, as it directly affects the strength and acts as a binder between the plastered / putty based wall and the texture coat

Spectrum Prime Coat completely penetrates the base surface in order to be effective. It completely cures the raw plastered surface before an additional layer is incorporated thus resulting in ideal consumption of the texture paint.