About Us

SPECTRUM : The Journey ....

Spectrum Paints Limited, pioneer manufacturer of the widest range of textured wall finishes in India, was incorporated on 16.4.1987, as a private limited company, with headquarters in New Delhi. Spectrum's operations are spearheaded by Shri Inder Jit Arora, one of its founders, in his capacity as the Chairman cum Managing Director. As a visionary, his innovative management style, backed by a system approach and a team of highly dedicated executives and workforce, has put this company in a league of its own. A self-propelled business organization, Spectrum maintains a comprehensive infrastructure which includes in-house capabilities for all manufacturing, inspection and testing operations including designing, developing and innovating.



Textured Paints vs Other Paints

Textured Wall Finishes do add glamour to the otherwise flat and dreary surfaces. In India, on external surfaces, there are, generally, two coats of plaster, i.e. base and finishing plaster. With texture, one can avoid the finishing plaster. These textures camouflage the shortcomings of the plaster in a big way. The non pigmented finishes score a lot over the stone cladding, which is quite popular in many regions in India. These textures are better than stone cladding, because of water repelling properties, anti fungal properties, fast application, elasticity to resist formation of hairline cracks, which do come easily on the joints (in the stone cladding)..

Spectrum and its Competitors

We are the pioneer manufacturers of the textured wall finishes in India, which we had launched three decades ago, in technical collaboration with Settef SpA, Italy. Our range is the widest. As we were the first to introduce textured finishes, in India. Spectrum has rather become a generic name for the textured wall finishes. Spectrum does have an excellent brand equity.

Main Competitors

. Of late, the leading players of the organised sector, of the conventional finishes, are also taking interest in the segment. This will surely add to the excitement and create further awareness for the textures in India. P otential is going to multiply.

Procurement of Raw Material

All additives, pigments, binders etc. are procured from leading world class manufacturers, whereas the fillers, like Calcite, Mica, Silica, Talcum, Quartz, granite/marble chips and powders are locally available.. Most of it comes from Rajasthan, which has plenty of them, rather maximum.

Our primary suppliers for various raw materials are:

Resins - Mainly, it is BASF India Ltd. At times, we do purchase from other players as well, e.g. EOC Taylor Made Polymers Ltd., Vision Polymers Ltd. Earlier, we used to buy from Pidilite India Limited also.

Pigments - Tata Pigments, Sudarshan Colour, Colourchem etc.

Titanium - Du Pont

Adheres to Green Building Norms

Of late architects are becoming aware of the benefits of the low VOC and green building norms. Eventually, this will surely add to the USP. May add that all our products have virtually zero VOC. We also have product like Spectra Hygiene, whish is ideal for the interiors of buildings where hygiene cannot be compromised like Hospitals, Labs etc.

Buildings - Energy Friendly

The products that help in conserving/reducing consumption of energy would surely score on others, However, there is not much awareness on this.

Repeat Business (Same Location)

Depends on the use of the building and the product and shade used. We have both pigmented and non pigmented range. The pigmented range has mostly earth colour/inorganic pigments which has very long shade life - even more than ten years, whereas the non pigmented range which has natural mineral aggregates, i.e. no colouring agents/pigments added, naturally have a very long shade life (rather virtually permanent shade life). However, in the luxury hotels, it is five to eight years, whereas for premium residential complexes, it is eight to ten years. For others, it depends upon their money power. However, the same location may not get repainted that early, but, a good service and a quality product surely help in fetching new business, in the same circle of occupants, architects, promoters, contractors etc.

ISO Certification

Spectrum's antecedents in ensuring international standards of manufacturing and quality control has got it the ISO 9001-2000 certification. Likewise its commitment to a pollution free work environment has brought it the ISO 14001 certification.